Aesthetic Tooth Resin Restoration

Beautiful Restorations with Tooth-Colored Resin in Fort Washington, PA

Composite Resin Restorations in Fort Washington, PA - JLEE DentalWe are proud to offer aesthetic tooth resin restorations at JLEE Dental. We achieve these restorations using a special dental composite resin, which contains no metal. Dr. Lee will consult with you on your aesthetic goals and unique dental situation. She can then use resin to help you meet those goals.

The possibilities of resin restoration include:

  • Repairing chipped teeth
  • Lengthening crowns when teeth appear too short
  • Correcting discolored teeth
  • Closing significant gaps between teeth
  • and more

Dr. Lee will color match your resin restoration to your other teeth, ensuring that the restoration is indistinguishable from your organic teeth tissue. Your final look will appear completely natural.

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